Continuous Symmetry Measure: an old work

I decided to finally post an old work I did in science. The actual working paper is CSM_paper. It did never got peer reviewed for different reasons but it still deserves some notice. It is a bit off topic from the usual Unix and/or programming subjects you find in this blog. Nevertheless you can find some patterns, techniques or the like.

It is indeed interesting for the more IT oriented guys, for subjects like image recognition and fuzzy comparison. The approach here is pure scientific with the exception that there is no scientific connection or background  beside a pure statistical approach. For the IT guys I suggest to follow D.Avnir work who has more dedicated papers.

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Praat: Extract data

I post here a very basic script which I use to extract data from some given (stress given) praat data.

It runs on files, folders (directories) and it can accumulate data. It has options to save in in different formats, even if just 2 now with some little controls on the output. It can be scripted for large amount of data.

For new comers praat is a linguistic tool more at praat. (you can try also which links back here).

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Less unix, more linguistic and phonetics: a script to automate praat

Praat (the home page at and

I needed a simple script to quickly change the input data for the command line execution. The interesting part is at the end. It is an initial script to handle big data.

So this is a first attempt (lets call the script:

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A small script: tars directories with dates

This is a very simple script which I use often to create temporary backups of working directories. As complexity grows, I needed to have a script to save locally the state of my work, so that I can easily revert to a previous state. It came out that I also use it for backups. See it:

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