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Less unix, more linguistic and phonetics: a script to automate praat

Praat (the home page at and

I needed a simple script to quickly change the input data for the command line execution. The interesting part is at the end. It is an initial script to handle big data.

So this is a first attempt (lets call the script:

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A small script: tars directories with dates

This is a very simple script which I use often to create temporary backups of working directories. As complexity grows, I needed to have a script to save locally the state of my work, so that I can easily revert to a previous state. It came out that I also use it for backups. See it:

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Some unix commands I want to remember and an example from recsys

There are some simple unix commands that are pretty useful but time to time I forget about. I often use them in handling large data sets and I am always surprised how a good pipe might save time and resources making possible to handle large amount of data within a small resources. It might make the difference between having an answer or not.

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